Share the Road

We have all been broken and found ourselves adrift.
Sometimes the only way to find your way home,
is to run away. 

Share the Road is Sean’s debut novel, and was self-published in the wee hours between 2011 to 2012. Share the Road is available in paperback, and as an Ebook for both the Kindle and the Nook. You may purchase any of the versions by clicking on the appropriate link in the left sidebar.

Publication Date: January 2012bicycling the Pacific Coast, biking and camping map
Formats: Paperback, 208pp, Kindle, Nook
ISBN-13: 978-1463505042
ISBN: 1463505043
BN ID: 2940013676725


Early reviews

This was an excellent read and I highly recommend it. It is extremely descriptive of the beautiful surroundings of the NW and specifically the coast roads. You feel like you are riding along side the main character or standing in the surf with him. Not only is it descriptive of the surroundings but descriptive of the pain and life struggles people go through. Great job! I can’t wait to read the next one.

This is Sean Day’s first published work and I really enjoyed it. The rhythm of the book (biking, camping, biking) along with the growing introspection along the journey makes for a restful yet meaningful read.

Anyone who loves the coastal Northwest / Northern California – anyone who loves cycling, road-tripping, camping – anyone who has experienced the pain of life-altering loss – anyone who finds themselves at mid-life wondering “How did I get here?” will be sure to connect with this one.

I look forward to reading it again.

Great job Sean! We look forward to more!

I really enjoyed how descriptive the author was and how inspiring.



Michael is an average guy. He has one of those faces that you’ve seen before, but just can’t quite place. He won’t dazzle you with his stories at the party, but he’ll be there to help you move the next day. He struggles to pay his bills with a job he doesn’t care for, but who doesn’t? He isn’t living the life of his dreams, but he reasons, “Who is?” He has a home in the suburbs, a wife he loves, a dog at his side, and a baby on the way. He can’t complain, and rarely does.

But when tragedy strikes, something inside him snaps. His false sense of inner strength is blown apart along with the circuitry in his brain. All those things he had buried come rushing forth and threatens to pull him under. He falls into a series of fugue states, and his body works on autopilot while his mind tries to repair itself.

Soon he is hundreds of miles away from home, on a bicycle, not entirely sure how he got there. He is on the run, yet he has left nothing behind. Every failure and misstep that led him here continues to pick at his brain and torture his soul. His only hope is forward motion.

As he rides down the Pacific Coast, he hopes that beauty he sees will somehow repair the ugliness he feels inside. Mile after mile, he tries to remember what happened, and how to find his way home.



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