The paperback vs the Ebook

Share the Road is available in three different versions – Paperback, Kindle and Nook. This is how my January sales were split between the three.

The order does not surprise me. Even though it is priced higher, I figured that the paperback would sell more quickly in the first month. I was pretty sure the Kindle would outsell the Nook, but the number of Kindle sales were higher than expected. They were not that far behind the paperbacks, and they clearly trounced the Nook.

What was a little surprising, if you combine the two Ebook formats, the paperback just edged them out. I am a fan of Ebooks, own a Kindle myself, and have been hearing all about their increased popularity, but I was still a little surprised that the markets were almost equal in January.

In the next few posts, I will pass along my experiences with preparing and selling each version, and let you know how I would do it differently next time.