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‎”Writing well means never having to say, ‘I guess you had to be there.’” ~ Jef Mallett

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E-readers have been around for a number of years, but really didn’t take off until the first Kindle was introduced back in 2007. There have been a number of advances in the past few years, including cleaner text, faster page turns, WiFi, and touch screens. E-readers have also become thinner, lighter, and just look more polished overall. Of course the biggest improvement has been the drop in price. With each model, the price dropped as the technology improved. In the last …

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So it has been pretty quiet here. I have been meaning to explain my absence, but procrastination builds on procrastination. I will eventually explain, but in the meantime, a post from the news… I have been notified by Amazon, Facebook and a number of news outlets that the new, non-Harry-Potter book from JK Rowling is due out September 27th. There is an understandable level of curiosity about how she will follow up after such a successful series. She is not only …

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Share the Road is available in three different versions – Paperback, Kindle and Nook. This is how my January sales were split between the three. The order does not surprise me. Even though it is priced higher, I figured that the paperback would sell more quickly in the first month. I was pretty sure the Kindle would outsell the Nook, but the number of Kindle sales were higher than expected. They were not that far behind the paperbacks, and they …

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Nerdy, proud moment

Someone posted on Facebook a screen shot of his Kindle. He was excited about getting the Wheel of Time series in Ebook form. The nerdy proud moment is seeing my book on the same screen.


Why self-publish

The world of book publishing is changing by the minute. The introduction of both the Ebook and the ability to Print on Demand have opened up access to the market. No longer are book publishers the gate keepers to decide what books do and don’t make it into print. And of course most authors need an agent to even get in the publisher’s door. This adds another level of gate-keeping, for you need to convince an agent that your work …


Putting yourself out there

I can’t remember who said it, or even the exact wording, but the point was something like, “A book isn’t a book until someone else reads it.” Or a story isn’t a story until…you get the picture. I have had this story as a work in progress for a year now. No one read the first two drafts, so even though it was down on paper, it was still sort of living just in my head. I eventually showed the …


One more place to pick up the book

Share the Road is now available as an Ebook for the Barnes & Noble Nook. Just like the Kindle version, it is $2.99 and can be purchased through the link in the left sidebar. Or you can just search for “Share the Road” on the Barnes & Noble site. Or I could just point you there. I will have a post up soon on my first impressions with Ebook publishing.


Share the Road

IS PUBLISHED. Sean’s self-published debut novel is now available for purchase. You can pick up a copy in paperback for $7.19, and the ebook version is $2.99 for the Kindle. You can find a description and preview of the novel on the Share the Road page.


Scrambling at the last minute

My goal was to get my first novel published by the end of the year, and I got it in just under the wire. I finished off the latest edit, and I sent off a copy at the end of November to one of my beta readers to check for typos and grammar errors. While I was waiting to hear back, I read it again. And edited it again. This really could go on forever. As I mentioned in my …

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